Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sue and Pandora

A couple of Sundays ago our sweet little neighbor, Sue, dropped by to share some of her freshly made pound cake.  She had just cut it hot and thought we could indulge in a southern classic.  We were blown away by her gesture and we are so thankful for a neighbor who has made us feel so welcomed in our new community.

As soon as Sue left, I became giddy at the idea of returning the cake tupperware.  I had to explain to my confused husband that my mama has preached southern hospitality since the day I got married.  Sue bringing her pound cake in a tupperware container meant I had to bake something in return!  My mama taught me that you never return tupperware back empty.  So chocolate cake here I come!

Before I even got out the eggs and oil, I habitually found my Pandora app on my phone and bluetoothed it to our Bose speaker.  I believe that Pandora is one of the greatest inventions on the planet earth.  I'm a music gal.  I love every type of music.  I am guaranteed to be the favorite child when it comes to music.  I absolutely love the oldies, 80's, classic rock, beach music, motown, and 90's country (any fellow Vince Gill groupies out there?).  My absolute favorite song is Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen.  A close second is My Girl by The Temptations.  My favorite artist is James Taylor.  My favorite bands include Mumford & Sons, The Goo Goo Dolls and Fleetwood Mac.  My go-to car solos include: How Will I Know (Whitney Houston) Higher Love (Steve Winwood).  And I am pro boy bands and one of the very few left who still loves Nickelback.  My musical tastes have no limits.  I legitimately love it all.  This is why I love Pandora.  It feeds my musical cravings and it allows me to explore new artists and songs.  

I have different Pandora stations for different activities, moods, and times of the day.  When I decided to make Sue a chocolate cake, I went for my cooking/baking station, which is always Frank Sinatra.  Its classic and lovely.  The way I want my food to taste and present.  Plus this station makes it so easy to dance from the pantry to the mixer to the oven to the kitchen island.  Fox trot, anyone?

When I need a little boost to get cleaning?  That's an easy one too: It's Raining Men Pandora station.  Nothing like a little Aretha and Diana to get that dust rag a dustin'!

When the sun seems to be making his way back towards the horizon, The Head and The Heart Pandora is guaranteed to be on.  I can thank my college friend, Rachel, for sharing this station with me years ago!

Need some good morning worship? Bethel station.  Love them old hymns like me?  Come Thou Fount station.  Times when you feel feminine like putting on your make up or painting your nails?  Noah Jones station or Amos Lee station.   Packing for the weekend?  Ben Rector station.  Want Colby's recommendation?  Van Morrison station.  Windows down music?  Some type of country music station.  Feeling nostalgic?  90's Pop or Nelly stations.  Need a station recommendation?  Contact me.. I'll find your fix.

Of course I change it up with every season, mood, new interest, current obsessions.  But for the most part, I definitely have my go-to's.   How about you?  I would love to hear your musical go-to's!!

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  1. Not just a Tupperware container but any never return it empty! Unless, of course, you are my DIL and you exchange dishes every other day. :)