Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Scotts and Vanderbilts

Some of my favorite wedding gifts were the ones that we didn't register for.  Random but so cute casserole dishes, home decor items and even trips.  One of my best friends from high school gave Colby and I two tickets to the Biltmore House.  

Oh my word.  She is a genius!!  Yesterday, Colby and I headed to Asheville for a quick visit to the Vanderbilt's humble abode.  We had some much fun exploring this little treasure in Asheville and we are so thankful for such a creative wedding gift.  This gift allowed for a really fun day date that turned into a night a hotel and shopping the following day.  Mary Grace, thank you so much for always thinking outside of the box!!

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This morning, we woke up, grabbed a couple of bagels and then toured downtown Asheville despite the soggy morning it was.

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.... and then we went here.  And Colby Scott bought his belated 25th birthday gift, a fly rod.

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This proceeded to car ride home with a giddy, blonde boy.

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And when we got home, we were greeted at the door with an Amazon package.  I received my first birthday gift (my birthday is tomorrow) from my parents!  Sintra Duets vinyl for my new record player I received from Colby for Christmas.  I am so stinkin' excited.

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We are so thankful for a quick little getaway before we start the new year of work and school!  Thanks again, Mary Grace, for loving us so well and thinking of a perfect wedding gift!

2014 in a nutshell

2014 was such a interesting year for the Scott household.  First of all, we were coming off a crazy busy and fun year of 2013.  Click here to see that year in review.  A lot of moving, a lot of change.

2014, however, was not like the previous year at all.  We started the year in a new city. I struggled to find a job as I awaited the beginning of PA school.  Colby started his new job in January.  So from January to June.. I was a house wife who was overwhelmingly grateful for Netflix.  I didn't blog much because I was so embarrassed I couldn't find a job to entertain me for 6 months (and contribute the grocery bill). So,  I just kind of went into hiding in the blog world... my bad.

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Then PA school started in June.  And who knew you drink from a fire hydrant?  From June to December, I was learning information a mile a minute and life was essentially the same every day.  Colby and I got up at the same time.  We went to bed at the same time.  Colby has an hour commute one way and mine is 45 minutes.  When we got home, I cooked supper and then went into my little study area until we were both ready for bed.  We didn't pursue other relationships really because when we actually had a second to spare... we wanted to spend it with each other.  And we wouldn't have it any other way.  Its been such a giant, giant, giant blessing to be put in situations to focus on just us and our marriage.. setting the foundation for forever.  

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This past year also provided us the opportunity to travel a little bit.  We celebrated one year of marriage on the east coast of North Carolina and have made a couple trips to the mountains of North Carolina throughout the fall and winter.

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Some notable things that happened this year include:  we got a new nephew (May), I had foot surgery (February) and started PA school (June), my cousin got engaged and married (October), Colby got heavy into wood working (built Christmas gifts, a new coffee table, end table, kitchen hutch and serving tray for us!! IN.CRED.I.BLE) and Colby also started working for his old company (January) and got promoted on December 31st (!!)

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I want to get back on the blogging train because I enjoy sharing my heart.  I enjoy bragging on my husband.  I enjoy recording my life.  However, I'm gonna keep showing myself grace in this department as school trumps this little space on the internet for now.  However, I hope to pull out my Canon more this year.  Taking and recording more pictures.. even if its just everyday life.  

As we enter 2015 we are pumped.  Our family has decided on the words "obey and seek wisdom" to be the ones we pursue in the next year.  Blog post on that soon -- with pictures of the print I ordered!

I am personally making some changes in the way I handle stress this year.  I have not handled stress appropriately within the past 6 months and I am so desperate for a change.  So this is a huge goal for me.  Ask my parents, Colby, and even my college roommates.  This change is an absolute must.  Cheers to more worship music and ellipticals. 

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Happy 2015, folks! I hope you make heart-felt resolutions and find good people to help you stick to them!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

We all need a Colby Scott

Oh hey.  Sorry it's been a hot minute since I last typed out my current stream of thoughts.  Since we last spoke I started graduate school and it is truly the hardest thing I've ever done in my life.  I have full confidence that I would not have survived "trauma block"(the first/most intense month of PA school) without my husband.

There are some people in my class who are having to live separately from their spouses to come to school at Wake Forest.  Ya'll, I cannot even imagine.  And ya know what?  I couldn't do it.  

Since Colby and I moved away from our hometown, I have become solely dependent on him.  As it should be.  But right after we got married, dependency on both of our parents was still very much prevalent.  It wasn't bad by any means, but in our hearts we so desperately needed each other to depend on each other, solely.  

So in a sense, moving was one of the best things we could have done for our marriage.  

Simple example: One day, I was having car trouble and instead of immediately calling my dad, like I always have, I called Colby.  Colby said, "well babe, I don't know.  What did your dad say?"  When I told him I called him first, I could all but see the joy in his heart. 

I need him.  He needs me.  We both constantly need to feel that weight of dependency we get from one another.

Colby has made the first month of PA school bearable.  I knew it would be hard.  My parents knew it would be hard.  When Colby asked for my hand in marriage, my parents warned him that PA school was going something he would have to go through too if we got married when he suggested.   Obviously, I don't know the exact words that were said, but essentially Colby replied with, "bring. it. on." (Shew, somebody turn on the fan.  It is getting hot in here! ;) )

Today, I officially start my second month of PA school.  The trauma block is over and for that, let's all take a second to the praise the Lord.  Thank you, Jesus. 

I'm a wife first, student second.  And some of those sleep-lacking, stressful days, I fell short on that.   But I have a husband who carries out the gospel better than anyone I know.   His side of the yoke got heavier and he didn't think a thing of it.  He picked up the weight I couldn't carry and still asked what else he could do for me.

I am so overwhelmingly thankful I am on this man's team.  When I graduate from PA school, Team Scott will graduate.  Colby is investing just as much as I am in this journey.  But for real, he has played with my new medical equipment more than me.  He knows why I now shape my hamburger patties like red blood cells and at one point he learned all the bones of the hand so he could quiz me on them.  We all need a Colby Scott, y'all.

Anniversary pictures taken by Tyler and Ashley Lucas

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sue and Pandora

A couple of Sundays ago our sweet little neighbor, Sue, dropped by to share some of her freshly made pound cake.  She had just cut it hot and thought we could indulge in a southern classic.  We were blown away by her gesture and we are so thankful for a neighbor who has made us feel so welcomed in our new community.

As soon as Sue left, I became giddy at the idea of returning the cake tupperware.  I had to explain to my confused husband that my mama has preached southern hospitality since the day I got married.  Sue bringing her pound cake in a tupperware container meant I had to bake something in return!  My mama taught me that you never return tupperware back empty.  So chocolate cake here I come!

Before I even got out the eggs and oil, I habitually found my Pandora app on my phone and bluetoothed it to our Bose speaker.  I believe that Pandora is one of the greatest inventions on the planet earth.  I'm a music gal.  I love every type of music.  I am guaranteed to be the favorite child when it comes to music.  I absolutely love the oldies, 80's, classic rock, beach music, motown, and 90's country (any fellow Vince Gill groupies out there?).  My absolute favorite song is Bohemian Rhapsody from Queen.  A close second is My Girl by The Temptations.  My favorite artist is James Taylor.  My favorite bands include Mumford & Sons, The Goo Goo Dolls and Fleetwood Mac.  My go-to car solos include: How Will I Know (Whitney Houston) Higher Love (Steve Winwood).  And I am pro boy bands and one of the very few left who still loves Nickelback.  My musical tastes have no limits.  I legitimately love it all.  This is why I love Pandora.  It feeds my musical cravings and it allows me to explore new artists and songs.  

I have different Pandora stations for different activities, moods, and times of the day.  When I decided to make Sue a chocolate cake, I went for my cooking/baking station, which is always Frank Sinatra.  Its classic and lovely.  The way I want my food to taste and present.  Plus this station makes it so easy to dance from the pantry to the mixer to the oven to the kitchen island.  Fox trot, anyone?

When I need a little boost to get cleaning?  That's an easy one too: It's Raining Men Pandora station.  Nothing like a little Aretha and Diana to get that dust rag a dustin'!

When the sun seems to be making his way back towards the horizon, The Head and The Heart Pandora is guaranteed to be on.  I can thank my college friend, Rachel, for sharing this station with me years ago!

Need some good morning worship? Bethel station.  Love them old hymns like me?  Come Thou Fount station.  Times when you feel feminine like putting on your make up or painting your nails?  Noah Jones station or Amos Lee station.   Packing for the weekend?  Ben Rector station.  Want Colby's recommendation?  Van Morrison station.  Windows down music?  Some type of country music station.  Feeling nostalgic?  90's Pop or Nelly stations.  Need a station recommendation?  Contact me.. I'll find your fix.

Of course I change it up with every season, mood, new interest, current obsessions.  But for the most part, I definitely have my go-to's.   How about you?  I would love to hear your musical go-to's!!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Gabi | Senior Pictures

Last weekend, I had the chance to hang out with my brother's sweet girlfriend, Gabi.   I met up with Gabi and her mom on a cloudy Friday afternoon to snap those infamous senior portraits.  

Gabi has been in our family for over two years now.  She has a quiet demeanor.  She speaks no foul of anyone or anything and could honestly be a Greek goddess with her olive skin and dark brown hair.  Shes absolutely gorgeous from the inside out.  

Gabi's quietness has been something I've had to get used to.  I'm a talker.  I'm loud.  I'm honest.  So is my sister.  Between the two of us, there is no such thing as quiet.  So when my brother brought home this sweet, tender soul.. we didn't know how to handle it.   Honestly. 

However, what I have come to realize is that her gentle and quiet spirit is refreshing.  It encourages me to sit back, shut up and just listen.  It encourages me to get out of the spot light and let others tarry there.

I can't help but think of this scripture when I think of Gabi.

"Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes.  Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God's sight."  1 Peter 3:3-4

A gentle and quiet spirit is of great worth in my creator's eyes.  Therefore, it should be something we notice and adore about our sweet Gabi.  I'm not saying I am going to quit my life goal of making her a chatty Kathy like the rest of my family!  But it is her spirit, that quiet, tender, careful, delicate demeanor, in itself that makes Gabi the absolute beauty she is. 

Congrats, Gabi!  We are so thankful for you and are so excited to see you take Raleigh by storm!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bunion Be Gone

In the past 10 days I have taken more pictures of my foot than I have in my entire life collectively.  I had a bunion surgically removed a little over a week ago.  Glamorous, I know!  I have really wide feet anyway, but the bunion on my right foot made it even more wide --  and let's be honest, it was pretty ugly.  It wasn't as bad as anything I saw on Google images.. but regardless ugly.  Even though it was ugly, that is not the reason I had it taken off.  It was physically restraining.  In any active activity, that baby would throb and cause a good amount of pain.  It started with high school basketball.  Before every game my coach would cut out two doughnut shaped pieces of styrofoam and tape them to both of my bunions (yes, one on each foot.. my left doesn't hurt near as much) before he would tape my ankles.  

Okay, wow.  I am telling you the history of my bunion agony!  Let's just skip to last week!  Bunion, gone.  Pain, ever so present.  I was waited on hand and foot by my husband and my mother pretty much all of last week.  It was incredible to have those two people love on me so well.   Colby was unbelievable.  He brought my coffee to bed, he would literally carry me to the bathroom in the middle of the night when walking on it was too painful, he would massage it at a moment's notice.  He was wonderful.  My mom worked from my dining room the next two days.  Bringing me anything I needed and cooked us supper (well breakfast & lunch too) every day and stocked my pantry, fridge (& freezer with homemade baked ziti and chicken casserole to fix the following week so I didn't have to go to the grocery store!)  World's Best Mama Award. 



The day my mom couldn't be here, my precious mother-in-law came down to see me and relieve me of my cabin fever.  She got me out of the house and rolled the windows down.  It was fabulous.  My sisters-in-laws were also so incredible at loving me.  They brought me magazines, goodies, care packages and a beautiful spaghetti supper! 


 Ya'll this is like the most minor surgery EVER!  And I had all these people loving on me like it was something super serious.  Golly, I am so blessed.  I am officially full weight bearing and I get my bandages taken off and my post-op boot changed next week.  Recovery is going great and I am so thankful for the continued support!