Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Life, New Blog.

Hey ya'll!  I have migrated from Raleigh Perk, my little segment in the blogosphere where I documented my journey through college.  I fell completely in love with Raleigh, North Carolina and I wanted to remember everything I got involved with while at student at NC State, so I created my blog.  And for the most part, I kept up with it. 

Well life has changed a bit since I became an official alumni of NC State.

I said a hilarious but sweet goodbye to my incredible roommate of 4 years.  I packed up my life as a lively, involved college student into several boxes and shoved them into my dad's truck and the trunk of my car.  I moved home with my parents while I tried to finish planning my southern wedding that was happening in two weeks!  I slowly moved from my parent's house to my new house.  And biggest news of all...  I married this handsome man.

Photo by Lauren Mack

We are one month into this ridiculously sweet adventure and I am completely in love with marriage.  The more I dig into scripture, the more I understand this covenant.  I have a whole blog post on this I've got brewing in my mind I want to share with ya'll soon!  God created Colby for me and me for him.   My goodness, this still gives me cold chills.  I plan on sharing in our journey through life as one flesh with this blog.  I also plan on sharing all the details of the wedding with ya'll!  I wanted to do that with Raleigh Perk but I didn't want to give any details away before the big day.  So when I get my pictures back on CD from my photographer, I will share, with pictures, the precious details of the best day ever.  Welcome to Shoals Perk.  We're gonna have some fun.

Side note: my fabulous new blog was created by Tyler Lucas.  If you have any request for blog design you can contact him at lucasgraphics[at]iCloud[dot]com

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  1. Love this!!! And love the design! I will keep his address in my memory bank...might need it! Can't wait to keep up with you!