Friday, June 28, 2013

Honeymooning in the Dominican Republic

When Colby & I were trying to figure out where we were going to go for our honeymoon, we were more focused on the history behind the term "honeymoon" than we were on where we actually going to go on it.  St. Lucia, Hawaii, Dominican, Ireland, Greece.  All the thoughts came to mind.  The place I most wanted to go was Scottland.  I told Colby, "Dude, we will be the Scott's.  Let's go to the land of the them!"  He finally convinced me that it was completely out of the price range and that we could save up for it, maybe for our 5 year anniversary.  

In our wedding program we did fun facts about Colby & I.  One of them said, "Colby has never flown before.  Courtney plans on filling up his passport".  And I plan on sticking to that.  When Colby got on that plane at RDU, he was secretly excited.  He didn't want me to see his little kid self getting jacked up about getting on a plane.  But I saw it.  He asked a million questions and he just couldn't believe how big planes were.  When we actually got on the plane, Colby kept saying (honestly, 10-15 times), "I can't image the power/torque this thing has/takes."  He was so happy.  I was so happy.

We landed in Punta Cana airport -- aka a giant tiki hut.  It was quite different from RDU and ATL airports.  We got off, found our resort van and headed on.

The resort was gorgeous, giant and modern.  Lots of options to eat and the most gorgeous plot of sand and water to lay and view.  We literally laid out ALL day for days.  We did go snorkeling and riding in a speed boat one day.  But it was so nice, to relax and be lazy with my favorite person in the world & feel no guilt.  It was fantastic. 

Seriously, fantastic.  I could not have asked for a more gorgeous place to spend the first week of marriage.  We are so thankful to have the chance experience another part of the world.  A very luxurious but peaceful part of the world.  

Plus, we got Colby's first stamp in his passport!!  Success.

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