Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Tale of Elevator 44

I got a quick, yet funny, story for ya.
My parents, siblings, husband and I all went to see my grandmother in the hospital one night.  When we were done visiting with her, all six of us got on the elevator.  My little (ahem, 6 foot 3 inch) brother told everyone to jump.  I had always thought that that was how to make your stomach drop.   So when the elevator almost came to a stop everyone but my mom jumped.

And we essentially broke the elevator.  We hit the alarm button on the elevator multiple times and we even called the hospital to let them know.  Oh my word, it was hilarious. 

About an hour and half went by before the security team and Forsyth County Fire Department started talking to us about getting us out.  They explained to us that we were between two floors, so they couldn't just open the elevator doors.  

Next thing we know, a fireman is coming through the roof of the elevator.  He brought a ladder the width of a pencil (well, it seemed like it) with him.  One by one, we crawled out and thanked all the men involved in our "rescue".

Gracious, I love my family.  I love all the mischief we get in and how we laughed for a solid hour and half that night.

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  1. these pictures make me shivver! i am sooooo claustrophobic i would have panicked!!!!!!!!!