Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bunion Be Gone

In the past 10 days I have taken more pictures of my foot than I have in my entire life collectively.  I had a bunion surgically removed a little over a week ago.  Glamorous, I know!  I have really wide feet anyway, but the bunion on my right foot made it even more wide --  and let's be honest, it was pretty ugly.  It wasn't as bad as anything I saw on Google images.. but regardless ugly.  Even though it was ugly, that is not the reason I had it taken off.  It was physically restraining.  In any active activity, that baby would throb and cause a good amount of pain.  It started with high school basketball.  Before every game my coach would cut out two doughnut shaped pieces of styrofoam and tape them to both of my bunions (yes, one on each foot.. my left doesn't hurt near as much) before he would tape my ankles.  

Okay, wow.  I am telling you the history of my bunion agony!  Let's just skip to last week!  Bunion, gone.  Pain, ever so present.  I was waited on hand and foot by my husband and my mother pretty much all of last week.  It was incredible to have those two people love on me so well.   Colby was unbelievable.  He brought my coffee to bed, he would literally carry me to the bathroom in the middle of the night when walking on it was too painful, he would massage it at a moment's notice.  He was wonderful.  My mom worked from my dining room the next two days.  Bringing me anything I needed and cooked us supper (well breakfast & lunch too) every day and stocked my pantry, fridge (& freezer with homemade baked ziti and chicken casserole to fix the following week so I didn't have to go to the grocery store!)  World's Best Mama Award. 



The day my mom couldn't be here, my precious mother-in-law came down to see me and relieve me of my cabin fever.  She got me out of the house and rolled the windows down.  It was fabulous.  My sisters-in-laws were also so incredible at loving me.  They brought me magazines, goodies, care packages and a beautiful spaghetti supper! 


 Ya'll this is like the most minor surgery EVER!  And I had all these people loving on me like it was something super serious.  Golly, I am so blessed.  I am officially full weight bearing and I get my bandages taken off and my post-op boot changed next week.  Recovery is going great and I am so thankful for the continued support!


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  1. you are too cute Courtney. I am loving all the books that you and your mother-in-law got! So jealous! Miss you friend.