Friday, February 14, 2014

Our Snow Day | Video

Earlier this week I spent hours cleaning off thousands and thousands of pictures off my computer.  In the process I came across a video that I made for Colby for Valentine's Day a couple of years ago.  It was a silly video with a several pictures and a lot of slow-motion video clips from years past.  Colby and I watched it on Wednesday of this week and we were reminded how much we love that video.  So I suggested that we make a video for our "snow day" the following day!  He agreed and I prayed specifically the next morning that Colby would show me grace as I kept a camera in his face for the rest of the day.  I AM NOT GOOD AT MAKING THESE, but it seemed like a fun project/challenge that documented our day in a different way than just still frames.  

Yesterday was a dream, ya'll.  We got up and read Bibles and books.  Colby did some work from home, while I lit candles, turned on Pandora and did some wifely duties.  Then we played in the snow and saw our nephews and fixed perfect winter lunches.  We built an Olympic snowman and built fires and indulged in fresh pumpkin bread and coffee.  Seriously, it was a dream.

So while Colby continued to stoke the fire, I threw this baby together last night...

Click to watch our snow day HERE.

PS.  Colby & I celebrated Valentine's Day last night considering we thought he was going on a hunting trip this weekend (which got postponed.. go figure!).  Colby bought us Country Mega Tickets for the rest of this year's celebrations and holidays (not including anniversary!)  -- #tightbudgetprobs #myhusbandisunbelievable. 

Valentine's Day is suppose to be about romance and telling people not just that you love them but WHY you love them.  So we ate supper in front of the fire place, put a little Boyz II Men Pandora on and we wrote on index cards that I made.  Each card had a different line on it.. for example, "I love it when you...", "I feel loved when you...", "You look best in...", ETC.  We both wrote on our set of cards and then exchanged.  SUPER CHEAP & effective I'd say.   Simple, nothing crazy.  Yes, we should say these things more often.  But sometimes a written note about what your husband loves about you or what you do for him is a super tangible reminder of why you should keep doing those things... BECAUSE HE LOVES IT.  I wrote the date on the back of the index cards and I hope that this is a tradition we continue to do for Valentine's Days to come!

Happy Valentine's Day!  Now go tell someone WHY you love them!!


  1. Yall are the cutest couple ever Mrs. Scott :) I love your idea for index cards on why you love each other! I hope you and colby are having an excellent 2014 so far!