Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Scotts and Vanderbilts

Some of my favorite wedding gifts were the ones that we didn't register for.  Random but so cute casserole dishes, home decor items and even trips.  One of my best friends from high school gave Colby and I two tickets to the Biltmore House.  

Oh my word.  She is a genius!!  Yesterday, Colby and I headed to Asheville for a quick visit to the Vanderbilt's humble abode.  We had some much fun exploring this little treasure in Asheville and we are so thankful for such a creative wedding gift.  This gift allowed for a really fun day date that turned into a night a hotel and shopping the following day.  Mary Grace, thank you so much for always thinking outside of the box!!

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This morning, we woke up, grabbed a couple of bagels and then toured downtown Asheville despite the soggy morning it was.

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.... and then we went here.  And Colby Scott bought his belated 25th birthday gift, a fly rod.

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This proceeded to car ride home with a giddy, blonde boy.

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And when we got home, we were greeted at the door with an Amazon package.  I received my first birthday gift (my birthday is tomorrow) from my parents!  Sintra Duets vinyl for my new record player I received from Colby for Christmas.  I am so stinkin' excited.

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We are so thankful for a quick little getaway before we start the new year of work and school!  Thanks again, Mary Grace, for loving us so well and thinking of a perfect wedding gift!

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