Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Extra Special Wedding Details

 One of my favorite movies is Steel Magnolias.  When Shelby (Julia Roberts) is asked about the details of her wedding, she lights up and goes on and on about her colors of "blush and bashful" and all the sweet little details that made her wedding, hers.  That's what I wanted.  I wanted to light up when people ask me about the details of my own wedding.  

It was also important for me that our wedding had a central theme.  I went with 'southern'.  Being a DIY wedding and a wedding with a theme, it was essential that the doors I walked through to go down the aisle to the napkins folks wiped their mouth with went together. 

I decided to split the details into two post: sentimental details and the more fun details.  With tonight's post I bring you a couple sentimental details.

Let's start off super sappy.  There is a picture of my parents I adore.  It's before their senior prom.  Mom is wearing this absolutely stunning powder blue dress, her hair is perfectly feathered to the sides of her flawless skin and this dainty little necklace with a single pearl.  Dad is killing it in his grey suit, black bow tie and rose boutonniere.  It is so sweet and they are so happy.  I can barely handle the cuteness.  When mom and I were talking about jewelry that would go with my wedding dress I was flipping through some old pictures just to mess around and I landed on that favorite picture.  It immediately hit me.  "Mom!  What about this necklace?!"  Mom went on to tell me that my precious dad had bought that for her for eighteenth birthday.  So, long story short.. I had to have it.  Mom got it cleaned and put it loan for me to wear with my wedding dress.  It is one of my favorite details to the wedding.

Colby is a southern boy, through in through.  He has a passion for fishing and hunting.  When we talked about having a "southern" or "country" wedding, the whole time I was scared to death that we were gonna be boarder line redneck.  I thought about doing shotgun shells for Colby and his guys' boutonnieres.  Colby told me that was most certainly boarder line redneck.  So, I found these old shotgun shells of my grandpa's that weren't bulky and bright red.  I think they called them Jap shells?  I loved them and they were perfect for the "southern" and "rustic" theme I was going for.

When we decided to go with an outside wedding, I was concerned about my big reveal.  So my incredibly talented dad built these gorgeous barn doors for me to walk through.  He made it big so it would have a dramatic feel to it and it was also built big so that I could walk behind those doors without many folks seeing me.  It was a sweet reveal and it was so special to me that my dad made them just for me, for my big day. Also, we adorned those doors with my momma's wedding hat/veil and pictures of both our of parent's weddings.

Communion is just plain special.  Actually, this is the only part of the ceremony that I got teary-eyed.  Eric lead Colby and I into a private moment with Jesus and it was sweet and emotional.  The pottery communion plate and cup came from my parents.  They ordered those pottery pieces for me off Etsy so I could have them post-wedding.  And I cannot tell you how much I adore them sitting on my dresser, acting as a constant reminder to that moment. 

I'll be sharing more of the fun details soon!

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  1. LOVED every little detail of your wedding! So many more you could have shared too!! Love this!