Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A New Plan

Oh, hi there.  My name is Courtney, writer of this blog.  You probably don't recognize me because I haven't posted in my little corner of the web in almost two months.  I'm sorry, friends. 

Well, Colby and I were about to sign the papers to buy Colby's grandpa's house.  We adore this sweet little house.  It is where Colby's dad and his siblings were raised and it has a ball field literally in the back yard (be still MY heart!).  For several reasons, we adore this house.  And this house fell perfectly into the plan, the master plan of staying in Surry County forever.

But then the government shut down.  During this shut down when our loan to buy this house was at a standstill, Colby got a job offer.. not in Surry County but back in Raleigh.  I didn't take Colby seriously when he told me over the phone.  I believe the actual conversation that went on in my head was like this:  "Hm, interesting. Doesn't matter, Colby Scott ain't going anywhere".  So, when Colby came home and said, "So I think we need to talk about this job opportunity", I WAS FLOORED.  Through several days of very specific praying and beating a dead horse with the exact same conversation with every member of our family... we decided that we were gonna take it.  This meant picking up our Surry County lives and moving them back to Raleigh... in less than 2 months.

So that's the first thing.  Colby got a job offer back in Raleigh.  And he is taking it.
Second thing, I can officially say that I am going to be a Physician Assistant.  I got accepted into my dream school, Wake Forest School of Medicine, about 2 weeks ago.  I am still on cloud nine.  When the representative told me I literally screamed on the phone.  I was over the moon, y'all.  I can't wait to write a post about the crazy process it took to get that glorious phone call.  Halloween was a good day for this future Demon Deacon.

So second thing,  I am going to be a Demon Deacon AND a Physician Assistant.

So, here we are.  Colby and I are moving in less than 2 months to Burlington, the sweet little city that we will call home for now.  Colby starts a brand new job at the beginning of the year and I start a rigorous curriculum in June.   Life is insane and beautiful and intense and scary.  But we have Jesus, so faint not.

And as excited as I am for the changes in our little family, I don't want to be blinded by all them all.  There are still pumpkin pies to eaten, boots to be worn, twinkling lights to be hung and evergreens to be inhaled all before we hit the road.  Cheers to the best time of year, right where we are.


  1. SO excited for you, beautiful girl!!! such sweet, exciting news!!

  2. Welcome to our little corner of the world