Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Currently enjoying

There are a couple of things I am currently enjoying...

Orange Gatorade.  It was literally my life source for the million years I was playing on a ball field.  I always had an orange Gatorade before every ball game (& fruit punch flavor if they didn't have orange).  Colby & I are active people.  We are always doing something... biking, throwing ball, messing outside, now kayaking.  Our newest source of fuel is orange Gatorade.  I am loving it.  Those intense Gatorade commercials are fabulous.  After a work out or taking a break from kayaking, sweat pouring, your thirst at it's newest all time high, a good chug of orange Gatorade is currently hitting the spot.


The idea of decorating my own house.  Colby & I are currently renting this sweet little house in our hometown.  It is completely furnished.  Which is great for many reasons, for one, we don't have any furniture of our own except for a bed set.  But it's not so great because it's decked out in the owner's stuff.  It's not a place where I feel inspired or creative, simply because I didn't decorate it.  I feel like I'm on a month-long getaway to the mountains/amazon forest (there are more plants and animals in my front yard then I know what to do with).  You're probably thinking.. "I would love to feel like that!"  But you know when you have been on vacation on a while, you just start to feel like "I can't wait to get back home, in my space."  That's how I feel.  So as Colby & I wait for the Lord to move to help us to decipher where our next home is, we will continue to embrace our mountain getaway and I will continue to dream of decorating my own house, Pinterest style.

4th of July Decor.  Speaking of decorating...  I love the 4th of July decorations.  I told Colby this week, that once we get a house that is ours and we have a little bit of spending money, I want 4th of July to be our holiday.  The one where we entertain our folks and friends before the fireworks at the nearby ballpark.  The one where he entertains while grilling all-American meals and I entertain while pouring you a patriotic cocktail.  The Today Show this week was killing it with all of the 4th of July decorations, recipes and general ideas.  I was so in love.  Hopefully, next year Colby & I will be able to host our first 4th of July cook out!  Fingers crossed.

This rainy weather.  Everybody on social media has made it very clear that they are not loving these endless amounts of raindrops.  Personally, I am loving it.  Well, for now.  We have a covered side porch where I love to sit outside, drink my coffee and just watch.  It's refreshing and calming in so many ways.  Now when it starts to look like this small town in turning into Seattle, then I'll join the anti-rain social media rant.

She Reads Truth.  I love their devotions on their website because they are created for women.  I have decided, especially since becoming a wife, that it's important to take the time to understand the word as a woman.  Especially in the application aspect.  How I apply the truth can be different from how Colby does and I love that there is an online body of women who are teaming together to help us understand that.

What are you enjoying on this rainy Wednesday?

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  1. Enjoying:

    Large diet coke in a styrofoam cup from McDonald's....I know, shocker right?

    New canvas of Cousin Camp