Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rainy Summer Week

Last week was just a good week, especially the latter part of it.  

Due to this rainy weather Colby got to come home early one day.  However, Colby is the epitome of a hard worker.  Rain doesn't stop him.  He came home around lunch and got straight to work around the house.  I am so thankful for his work ethic.

Another good part of the week was the Fourth of July.  When I woke up, I made a mental list of the things Colby & I should do on this day.  I wanted to throw softball, eat hot dogs for lunch and watch The Patriot.. all before we got together with family to grill out and watch fireworks.  Well it was rainy, we didn't have any hotdogs in the fridge and The Patriot wasn't on TV as it usually is.  So we stayed in our PJs til noon, had a Breaking Bad marathon and Colby made us a pizza pie for lunch.

Later, I helped my sisters-in-law with some patriotic Pinterest ideas that were much harder than expected.  We grilled out and engorged ourselves with burgers, potatoes, country vegetables and an array of blue and red desserts.

And the grand finale: fireworks at the local ball park with the rest of the community.

On Saturday, my family invited Colby & I over for a meal of fish tacos and a corn hole tournament.  We ate outside (where it began pouring the rain as soon as we sat down) and devoured these fish tacos that my sister made.  She tried to make them like the restaurant Cabo Fish Taco in Charlotte and she nailed it.  They were spot on... well done, Ash!  And then later, we played two corn hole tournaments.  It was a sweet night of good food and sweet company.

And lastly, to conclude our ridiculously good weekend...  Colby & I tried a new church and had the best lazy Sunday afternoon ever.  Ahh, I am so thankful for this past week and summer nights in our small town.

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