Friday, November 29, 2013

New Recipe | Skillet Apple Crisp

So I tried a new recipe for the Scott's Thanksgiving meal.  I know, I know.  It is not good etiquette to bring a new recipe to a gathering.  But I did... whoops.

Thankfully, this recipe was delicious!  Recipe three of the five came from a fabulously southern magazine, Garden & Gun.

Meet our leading lady: Skillet Apple Crisp

When I was asked to make a dessert for Thanksgiving, Colby & I decided to go for a classic American dessert, apple pie.  But then this recipe came across my radar and I could not NOT make it.

The consensus?  All around delicious (plus, everything looks better in a cast iron).  I used only one lemon versus two and I would definitely encourage that to all my friends... I would also encourage a healthy dollop of vanilla ice-cream to ride shot gun with this baby.


  1. Um hello, this looks INCREDIBLE. Might have to give it a try myself before the end of the holidays!