Monday, November 25, 2013

Six Months of Marriage

Colby and I are celebrating 6 months of marriage today.  We don't celebrate "month anniversaries" usually.  However, today when I was talking to Colby, we were both in shock that we have already been married for 6 months.  It seems like 3 months MAX!  

Tonight we celebrated by simply living life together.  I cooked supper and we sat at the dining room table, decked out with turkey salt & pepper shakers, and mustard yellow candles.  We did our high's & low's of our days and then cleaned the kitchen together.   Now we are sitting in our freshly cleaned living room, folding laundry together in front of the warm fire that Colby built for me.  

Oh my, my.  There is joy in laundry, folks.  


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