Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Taste buds, I still love you.

So rumor has it that the word "sacrifice" is suppose to bounce around in our thought process often in the journey of marriage.  Apparently there is suppose to be a lot of give and take?  Is that right?  

Well let me tell you.. my taste buds have felt (tasted rather?) the largest consequences of this "sacrifice" stuff.  My sweet, precious, hardworking, loving, etc., etc. husband has the pallet of a five year old.  Grilled chicken, steak and spaghetti are some of the few things that satisfies those little bumps on his tongue.  And then there is me, the cook, the starving wife, who dreams of bacon wrapped scallops, creamy risotto and basil pesto on anything.  

Growing up, my parent fixed mushrooms with most of their meals.  They put it in the entrees, they seasoned them and boiled them, they sauteed them.  Mushrooms were present often.  But I hated them.  Then one night during college, my boyfriend decided to take me to the Cheesecake Factory where I had this giant plate of deliciousness.  Including mushrooms.  I hate every bite.  Including the mushrooms.  It was like that meal was all it took for me to flip a switch.  From that point on, I have adored mushrooms.  I seriously would consider giving up all meats (maybe except seafood.. its just too good :) ) for mushrooms.  I love them and try to incorporate them in every meal.. just like my parents.

I guess I have this huge hope in thinking if I fix a meal with something Colby doesn't like and mix it with things he does.. his switch will flip too.  And I wouldn't be limited to a meal of grilled chicken, macaroni and cheese, a can of sweet peas and a can of corn and a croissant... for the third time this week. 

So I told Colby I was going to challenge us in trying 5 new recipes before the end of the month.  I know that doesn't seem like a lot.. but its enough to get me inspired to cook more things, learn more and get Colby to venture out a little more. 

I made two new recipes tonight.. they are currently baking in the oven.  Colby has told me how bad it the garlic stinks about hmm, 8 times now.  He has proceeded to opening the kitchen window and the dining room window and he has lit three (STRONG) scented candles.  I am already considering this a fail.   So I gonna whip up a batch of macaroni and cheese as back up.  You can never be too prepared, ya know?  

I will let you know how each five of my recipes go and what the recipe is if it is good at the end of my little challenge!  Stay posted, friends!


  1. Excited to hear the results.

    The garlic thing? Can we say Tim Scott?